Menopause Treatment

Here at Ward Bourdeaux Sr, MD we diagnose and treat all women’s health conditions and actively promote healthy lifestyles through preventative care and regular checkups. If it been awhile since your last check up, call Ward Bourdeaux Sr, MD and schedule an appointment today or you can just stop by our clinic.

We offer countless women’s health services for all of our patients’ needs such as an effective colposcopy treatment and quality pap smears. We also specialize in menopause treatment. As your professional gynecologist, we will treat your menopause with hormone replacement therapy if you still have your uterus. For patients who had a hysterectomy, we can provide you estrogen.

Don’t suffer with hot flashes and mood problems, Ward Bourdeaux Sr, MD can help you provide effective treatments for menopause symptoms. Your health is important. When your health is at stake, you need to call a gynecologist you can trust with all of your health care needs. Contact Ward Bourdeaux Sr, MD in Atlanta, GA, and schedule your appointment today!